Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Война" с Англией

Помните замечательный фильм про барона Мюнгхаузена с Янковским в главной роли? Сам фильм безусловно заслуживает отдельного обсуждения и восхощиния. Но вот что важно.  До недавнего времени барон Мюнгхаузен был единственным частным лицом, объявившим ультиматум Британскому Парламенту и Суверену с требованием прекратить бессмысленную войну с американскими колонистами, и победившим! Но только до недавнего времени.  Теперь к барону присоединился и скромный российский гражданин, то есть я.
И кстати, Англия сдалась! Итак, ниже привожу моё обращение в английское посольство в Москве по поводу отказа мне и моему сыну в визе:

Dear Sir/Madame,   I applied for a tourist visa to the U.K. on March 1, 2011 thru the Visa Center in Moscow.  Since I am a frequent traveler I more or less got used to providing all sorts of documents to foreign embassies to facilitate my visa applications.  I was going to visit Britain with my son who is 13 years old for only one week starting March 26, 2011.  I have paid 7000 Russian Roubles to cover the application and service fees.  However, yesterday, March 15, 2011 I picked up a response from the Visa Center signed by Entry Clearance Officer J Sheppard, showing that neither myself nor my son qualify to visit U.K., in other words I was denied an entry visa.  This is the first time ever I am denied an entry visa to a foreign land.  The grounds quoted in the denial letter do not seem just or impartial to me personally.  Unfortunately, there is no time left for me to re-apply with additional papers to please and satisfy Her Majesty’s entry clearance officers.  Not only I lost some money on this, since a lot of home work on my part happened before I even applied, but to make things worse the frustration and disappointment of my son who is studying English language and sincerely wanted to firsthand see the country he has read so much about.   I do not understand and either take the reasons for denial stated in the letter to me.  I have been employed by the US Embassy Moscow for almost 11 years now, and I was a participant of the European Series in mid-90s and subsequently was a member of the British Alumni community.   I am positive that the United Kingdom will not lament the loss of a couple of potential tourists from Russia, however my clean record of foreign travel is here to support my good intentions, not to mentions that other countries, like the U.S., Spain, Bulgaria or France (and a dozen of other countries) had no objections to my tourists journeys in the past.   The written reply I have received on the UK Border Agency letterhead shows that Mr J Sheppard has studied my application thoroughly.  I find the response humiliating and impartial.  If there were any question as to my credibility that could have been fixed with additional paperwork on my part, I would expect a different treatment.   Since there is not enough time for me to re-apply I choose to abandon my intent to travel as a tourist to the United Kingdom for the time being, after having lost some money and time.  I would really expect a different treatment from a foreign country’s Embassy towards a Russian national who has done anything wrong so far. In the meantime, I take the denial as groundless.   Thanks for your time   Regards

Результатом моего обращения стал официальный ответ по электронной почте:

Dear Mr Vladimirsky

I can confirm that your application has been viewed by an Entry Clearance Manager who has agreed to overturn your refusal. Please can you confirm via e-mail when you intend to submit your passport to the British Embassy Moscow for correction.


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